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LG’s new 32-inch 1440p monitor looks nice for the price

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$349.99 isn’t bad for what’s on offer, but there’s no USB-C

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Image: LG

LG has announced a new 32-inch QHD display, the 32QK500-W, which offers an impressive mix of features for a midrange monitor for $349.99, via Engadget.

While not quite a full 4K display, the 32QK500-W should get you decent pixel density with a 2560 x 1440 IPS panel. There’s also support for AMD FreeSync, a 75Hz refresh rate, and an 8ms response time. It might not be the fastest display out there, but it’s certainly something that’ll hold up for less demanding gaming.

Add in the relatively restrained design for a desktop monitor with a tilting “Edge-ArcLine stand” that looks a bit nicer than your average black box screen, and you’ve got a reasonably nice-looking option for the price. Unfortunately, that forward-thinking design doesn’t extend to ports: despite the fact that it’s nearly 2019, there’s no USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 display options on the 32QK500-W; there are only a DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports.

There are a few nice extra touches that LG is offering here, including a “reader mode” option that reduces blue light (although the jury is still out on whether there are any harmful effects from it). LG is also offering a software option for controlling display settings like brightness, contrast, and split-screen mode, meaning that you won’t have to fiddle around endlessly with a befuddling button setup.

LG has yet to announce an exact release date for the 32QK500-W, but it should go on sale sometime in the near future for $349.99.

Correction, 9PM ET: This article previously described the monitor as UHD; it’s QHD.