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Magic Leap One just got prescription inserts for people who are nearsighted

Magic Leap One just got prescription inserts for people who are nearsighted


For a hefty $249

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Magic Leap One

If you wear glasses and want to use Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset, there’s good news. Magic Leap is finally getting prescription inserts for its Magic Leap One headset, as noted in an email from the company.

You can order these prescription inserts for a hefty $249 from FramesDirect and they’re supposedly anti-reflective. They’re available in two sizes and you’ll have to provide your prescription and your pupil distance when ordering. They notably also don’t support people who are farsighted and only provide prescriptions up to -7.50, so if you are extremely nearsighted, you’ll also be out of luck.

Once you get those prescription inserts, you can pull out the standard inserts and snap in your new ones. You’ll also need to open the settings and enter your prescription manually into the Magic Leap One each time you install or remove the prescription lenses.

The Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset shipped in August for $2,295. For now, it offers a limited suite of experiences, but more are being added over time, such as the interactive storybook Luna: Moondust Garden.

At this price range, you could just easily order multiple sets of contact lenses to use with the headset instead. But if you tend to only wear glasses, the inserts will surely be more comfortable.