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Analogue’s limited edition SNES has custom sounds from your favorite Ghostly artists

Analogue’s limited edition SNES has custom sounds from your favorite Ghostly artists


The Super Nt gets startup chimes from Gold Panda, Shigeto, and more

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Super Nt X Ghostly

Analogue’s Super Nt is a gorgeous, powerful aftermarket Super Nintendo. Ghostly International is one of the world’s premier electronic music labels. Now, the two have joined forces for a limited edition console, complete with custom Ghostly powered startup sounds.

Today, Analogue is revealing the Ghostly LE version of the Super Nt. Like the standard model, it’s a console designed to play your old SNES cartridges on a modern TV, with a whole host of extra features. (You can find out more about it in our review.)

The Ghostly edition is different in a few ways. It sports a bright, clean shade of white, for one thing, along with the label’s logo right on the front. More interesting, though, is that it also has seven distinct startup chimes, each composed by a different Ghostly artist. They’re short — the longest clocks in at 10 seconds — but it’s a completely unique way to hear new sounds from the likes of Gold Panda and Shigeto. There are also brand-new startup animations created by Fez designer Phil Fish.

This isn’t the first time that Ghostly has dabbled in the world of games. Back in 2014, the label provided the soundtrack for the PS4 and Vita adventure Hohokum, with tracks from the likes of Tycho and Matthew Dear backing the game’s colorful worlds.

The new edition of the console will be limited to 1,000 units, and it’s a bit more expensive than the base model. The Ghostly Super Nt will be $249.99, compared to $189.99 for the original, though the new model does come bundled with a wireless controller and adapter, which is absent from the base Super Nt. Units are expected to start shipping immediately. You can order one right here.