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Cheaper USB-C to Lightning cables could arrive as early as February 2019

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Apple prepares its MFi blessing

Image: Apple

It’s been a long wait for Apple to give its blessing to third-party USB-C to Lightning cables. At the moment, if you want to get a cable that allows your iPhone to fast charge, then you’ll have to opt for Apple’s own model, which currently starts at $19. However, MacRumors reports that Apple is now permitting third-party USB-C to Lightning cables to be manufactured, meaning that we could see cheaper models released as early as February or March of next year.

The need for a decent range of these cables increased last month after Apple put a USB-C port on its latest iPad Pro, meaning you can use Apple’s tablet to charge your phone — so long as you have the right cord. Of course, the easiest solution would be for Apple to include one with every phone, but the company’s 2018 models came and went without Apple making the change. Oh well, maybe next year.