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Apple releases its first clear case to show off the iPhone XR’s colors

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After a six-week delay, Apple has added its $39 iPhone XR clear case to its online store, via MacRumors.

This an especially strange and unexpected delay; the clear case was initially mentioned in an Apple press release from October, and so far, this is the only Apple-made case that’s been released for the iPhone XR. The company has never offered a clear protective case for its phones before, so it’s possible these cases will be the only Apple-official cases offered for the iPhone XR in order to show off the phone’s colorful glass backs.

According to the product description, the case is “crafted with a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials,” so hopefully it won’t yellow over time as much as cheaper third-party clear cases. There’s a scratch-resistant coating on the exterior and interior, and it’s made to work with wireless Qi charging.

The product listing is up on Apple’s online store now, but it looks like it’ll be available in stores for most regions starting on December 10th.