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Leica is selling a limited edition snow white camera for the Olympics

Leica is selling a limited edition snow white camera for the Olympics


Because it’s the Winter Olympics and there’s snow, get it?

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Photo: Leica

Leica is teaming up with Olympic snowboarder (and photographer) Iouri Podladtchikov to release a special limited edition version of the Leica Q, which swaps out the traditional black body found on the camera for a stylish white color scheme.

Dubbed the Leica Q “Snow,” the camera is decked out in silver anodized aluminum for the top deck, baseplate, and controls. The body of the camera is wrapped in pure white leather that will probably get dirty in the first five seconds after you take it out of the box. The camera also features an aluminum accessory shoe cover, which is apparently a first for a Leica camera. And to round out the color scheme, the Leica Q Snow also comes with a white leather carrying case and strap.

Image: Leica

According to Podladtchikov, the color choice is not because he’s a professional snowboarder and snow is white and that a snow white camera would of course be the obvious move here. Rather, it’s a more artistic choice: “White — for me, that also means ‘carte blanche’ — it’s up to you. It’s time to get creative,” Podladtchikov said in a statement announcing the partnership.

Other than the unique color, the rest of the camera is identical to the stock Leica Q, with a Leica Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens, electronic viewfinder, and built-in Wi-Fi. Only 300 Leica Q Snow models will be made, each individually numbered. The Q Snow is set to cost $5,395 when it releases in March, which works out to a $1,145 premium over the $4,250 standard model.