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Hot Wheels is bringing Rocket League to life with remote control cars

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Minus the ‘Rocket’ part, unfortunately

Image: Psyonix

Rocket League and Hot Wheels cars have always felt like a match made in heaven. Last year, the two brands teamed up to put Hot Wheels cars into the popular vehicular soccer game, and this fall will see the logical conclusion of that partnership, with Hot Wheels releasing a real-life version of Rocket League with remote controlled toy cars. The set was first spotted by Kotaku earlier this week.

The set will cost $179.99, and comes with a stadium, two cars (designed after the digital Rocket League’s Octane and Dominus racers), and a ball equipped with IR signals to keep accurate score. The cars themselves are controlled via Bluetooth from a connected smartphone, similar to things like Anki Drive.

Sadly, while Hot Wheels’ IRL Rocket League may look like the original, given the limitations of actual toys (and physics), you’ll probably have to save your high-flying goals, jet-boosted cars, and exploding nets for the digital version. But the set will come with codes for DLC for the digital game, so you’ll at least be able to recreate some of the RC magic over on your PC, too.