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PicoBrew is getting into larger-scale brewing production

PicoBrew is getting into larger-scale brewing production

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PicoBrew launched as a way to consistently brew your own beer. Now the company’s introducing new products that’ll help home brewers or restaurant owners launch their own, larger-scale brewing productions. The PicoBrew Z Series consists of four modular brewing appliances that can produce anywhere between one and 10 gallons of beer or kombucha. It costs between $1,499 and $3,999 with preorders available now and the devices shipping in June.

The Z Series can brew from loose grains and hops or PicoBrew’s proprietary PicoPaks, which the company makes through partnerships with breweries. These PicoPaks are basically pods, and we talked about them a lot on our live YouTube show here. We also tasted the beer.

All the Z Series appliances connect over Wi-Fi, which lets users control temperature, fluid flow, and timing. They can also run through recipes. The company also launched its first spirits-brewing device this year and an accessory that lets people create their own essential oils. As always here on Circuit Breaker, we love to talk about essential oils and to witness a true Kickstarter success story.