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Gather the family ‘round and play What’s That Smell?

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The New York City Toy Fair is this weekend, and a company called WowWee has a new game to show off called What’s That Smell? Yup. What is What’s That Smell? As you might assume, players have to smell a scratch-and-sniff card and guess the smell. It could be poop! It could also be garbage, bacon, grass, or rotten fish. The game comes with 48 “mystery whiff” cards. Players have to guess the smell under a certain amount of time — up to five minutes depending on what setting you choose — and receive points if they guess certain other smells. So for the apple card, you’d get five points for saying apple, but you could get two points for saying strawberry. Close enough!

The game also complements a companion iOS / Android app that provides other possible smell guesses and their point values. The app also keeps the time and includes a built-in camera function called the “Cam Reek-order.” I know, y’all. I know. Basically, WowWee wants you to film your friends and family making nasty faces (in slo-mo) to then share on social media.

That feel when you think coconut smells like “hashish.”
Image: WowWee

WowWee also makes the Fingerling, a robotic monkey that sits on your finger, which was featured in The New York Times. I hope What’s That Smell gets a New York Times feature, too. The game costs $19.99 and will be available this summer.