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Circuit Breaker

Here’s an idea: stick a coaster under your HomePod

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Pad & Quill

It seems like an obvious fix to the HomePod white ring problem: stick a coaster underneath your speaker. It’s so obvious that one company, Pad & Quill, has already launched a coaster solely for the HomePod. It’s called the Leather HomePod Coaster, as first spotted by Gizmodo. It comes in brown leather and costs $19.95. It’s available to preorder now, although it’s unclear when it’ll actually ship.

I’m pretty sure any coaster will work, by the way — you don’t need to spend $19.95 to prevent your HomePod from staining your furniture. You could also move the speaker to another surface, like Apple suggests. We’re all going to make it through this situation, I believe in us.