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Sony is selling PSVR bundles as low as $200 for two weeks

Sony is selling PSVR bundles as low as $200 for two weeks

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Sony is putting the PSVR on sale again with discounts that make picking up the PlayStation 4’s virtual reality headset look a lot more affordable. It’s offering discounts on three PSVR bundles, the best of which is a $199.99 package that includes Gran Turismo Sport, the original PSVR headset, and the PlayStation Camera, which is necessary for VR. All three bundles will be discounted for two weeks, from this Sunday, February 18th to March 3rd.

The other two packages are more expensive. There’s the Doom bundle, which swaps out Gran Turismo for Doom VFR and costs $299.99, and there’s the Skyrim bundle, which includes Skrim VR and two PlayStation Move Motion controllers, in addition to the headset and camera. Notably, these two bundles appear to include the revised model of the PSVR headset, which is largely the same as the original but includes some tweaks to the cable and, most notably, support for HDR passthrough, which will make using the headset less of a hassle if you own a TV that supports it. In all cases, you’re getting a $50 to $100 discount on the normal bundle price.

The Gran Turismo bundle is by far the best option here since it’s the cheapest way in, though it may not be ideal if you have an HDR TV. The Skyrim package is good, too, particularly if you’re interested in the motion controllers. But there’s basically zero reason to buy the Doom bundle, which is basically a $100 upcharge for the upgraded headset model without much other benefit. You’re likely better off getting the Gran Turismo package and buying Doom separately for $30 or buying the Skyrim bundle, since the Motion controllers largely make up for the price jump.

Update February 16th, 8:36AM ET: Updated this story to mention that the Gran Turismo bundle appears to include the original version of the PSVR headset. Though Sony doesn’t actually label this, imagery of the bundle shows the cabling used on the original model.