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Lensbaby’s latest DSLR lens is like an IRL Instagram vignette filter

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Lensbaby is a camera accessories company best known for making specialty lens to achieve various creative effects. Its latest lens, Burnside 35, is designed to let you have even more control over just how much bokeh or vignetting to add to your images — with a second effect slider built into the lens so you see the changes in-camera even before shooting.

The Burnside 35 is a 35mm f/2.8 lens, with an 6-blade internal aperture and an 8-blade secondary internal aperture on the effect slider. When you shift the slider from left to right, the background of the photo blurs and swirls. This effect helps to amp up drama in photos, but dial it too far to the right and it definitely starts to look like you’ve been throwing back too many beers. Lensbaby offers a gallery of sample photos, and images like this cafe at night are striking, while the photo of the couple looks extremely distorted (to each their own!)

Lensbaby / Ryad Guelmaoui
Lensbaby / Ryad Guelmaoui

If you’re digging this look, the Burnside 35 is available now for $499.95. The lens is compatible with various DSLR models including the Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Pentax K, Micro 4/3, Sony E, Fuji X and Samsung NX, with shipment expected in mid-March.