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I honestly look good in this Iron Man mask

I honestly look good in this Iron Man mask

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Marvel and Hasbro introduced an augmented reality Iron Man (AR) mask earlier this week, and we tested it out on Circuit Breaker Live. The mask, which you can wear with or without a phone, makes you look like Iron Man. Meanwhile, the phone produces images of enemies around you that you have to kill with your connected handpiece.

Our demo went relatively seamlessly. I struggled to get the headset to slot into the mask, but eventually I got it to click. A kid could probably handle the setup, which is good and important. The game’s definitely optimized for rooms with lots of space, though, so I don’t recommend playing it on a closed set. For $50, it’ll entertain your kids for a while, so long as you’re willing to part with your phone or buy them their own.

More than anything, I realized I really pull off the Iron Man look. My red sweatshirt helped, fine, but I don’t know, I think it complements me?

You can watch the full episode of Circuit Breaker Live below. New episodes are on YouTube every Tuesday at 4PM ET.