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Sony releases mysterious teaser for its next phone

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Sony is apparently going to introduce something at Mobile World Congress next week, going off the fact that its Xperia account tweeted a teaser video for the annual phone event this morning. The video shows a hand and a bunch of ripples cascading down onto it from above. It also says whatever this video is hinting at will be announced on February 26th.

You can see the tweet below:

I don’t totally get what it’s alluding to. Something you’ll feel? From the sky? A tangible notification? Haptic feedback? Uh, a ripple... of air? I don’t know! It’s not easy to make sense of a purposely cryptic video. But presumably the teaser has something to do with a new phone, since Sony usually announces new Xperia smartphones at this event. Those phones are supposed to come with a meaningful redesign this year, so we should find out soon what that looks like.