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Samsung will let people hold the Galaxy S9 in augmented reality — and of course it leaked early

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By the time Samsung’s Unpacked event for the Galaxy S9 rolls around, there will be very little (if anything) left to the imagination. We know what it’ll look like, what the specs are, and even have a good idea of the release date. You’ll probably have to wait a couple weeks before you can feel the phone in your own hands, but according to XDA Developers, Samsung is going to let attendees at its Mobile World Congress presser visualize that part with the help of augmented reality.

A capable Reddit user tore down the Unpacked 2018 mobile app and discovered that hidden in the software (for now) is a feature that will let those at the event see the S9 in AR by tapping their phone against their event badge. From there, they can switch between various colors to preview the appearance of Samsung’s newest flagship from literally any angle.

XDA Developers

This seems like a fitting cap to the avalanche of recent S9 leaks. Granted, it’s not something that’s visible to just anyone who downloads and opens the Unpacked 2018 Android app; it took someone with plenty of know-how to modify the app and unlock this mode that will be available to attendees on February 25th. The Verge will be live from Samsung’s latest big event to bring you the news and any surprises that might still be under wraps.