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The rumored Moto E5 Plus doesn’t have dual, rear-facing cameras, even though it looks like it does

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Evan Blass

Lenovo is expected to announce an update to its E line of Moto phones at some point this spring, and today, VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass leaked an image of the rumored Moto E5 Plus. The device doesn’t look wildly different from last year’s E4 Plus, although it does have something resembling dual, rear-facing cameras, which aren’t actually dual cameras, at least according to Blass. It also might have a taller, thinner display with minimized bezels along with a rear fingerprint sensor, as the Motorola logo looks slightly raised and less like a decal. The headphone jack remains intact.

A supposed render of the E5 leaked earlier this year and depicted the same rear fingerprint sensor. The E5 might not have the new aspect ratio, at least going off this leak.

We don’t have a release date for these phones, but now that the leaks have started, we can assume it’ll be relatively soon.

Update 2/26, 2:18 PM ET: Updated to reflect new information from Blass indicating that the E5 Plus won't have rear, dual-facing cameras.