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BlackBerry’s upcoming Ghost is a bezel-free, high-end Android phone for the Indian market

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Designed by BlackBerry brand licensee and Indian telecom Optiemus

Image: VentureBeat

The newest BlackBerry phone is made by yet another company that is not actually BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Ghost, revealed today by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass on Twitter, is a high-end Android smartphone designed for the premium market in India.

It’s made by Optiemus, an Indian telecommunications giant that acquired the license last year to develop and sell BlackBerry products in the country. Optiemus also acquired rights to BlackBerry for Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In every other world market, Chinese multinational TCL handles manufacturing, distribution, and design of all BlackBerry devices under the brand name BlackBerry Mobile.

It’s unclear how much the phone will cost, or if it will ever make its way out of India (unlikely). Still, the Ghost looks like an impressive handset that brings BlackBerry’s brand up to speed with the rest of the high-end smartphone market.