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Nomad’s wireless iPhone travel charger is nearly perfect

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But you’ll have to carry around an extra cord

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Nomad has crafted a beautiful wireless travel stand for smartphones. Wrapped in Horween leather with a built-in aluminum kickstand that can be stored when not in use, the $59 Nomad Wireless Travel Stand can fast-charge your phone thanks to its 7.5W output.

There is just one issue — it’s powered by a standard US wall plug, instead of a micro-USB or USB-C, which you probably already own. Which means yet another cord for you to carry around, and if you’re like me, you get the joy of searching for a second free outlet in your hotel room, instead of using the USB port on top of the alarm clock (an omnipresent feature in just about every hotel).

Here’s a simple truth every accessory maker should live by: don’t make me carry new (or old, very old) types of cables.

Otherwise, Nomad has built a charger that is nearly perfect. It can be used in different orientations, it can fast-charge your devices, and it looks stunning. If you don’t mind dealing with the plug, you can pick one up today from Nomad’s website.