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This custom Commodore PET 2001 is a beautifully crafted retro gaming PC

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Another lovely tribute from Love Hultèn

Swedish designer Love Hultèn is known for his beautiful custom made retro gaming arcades and devices. His latest work is a reincarnation of the all-in-one home computer PET 2001, which was released by Commodore in 1977.

Called the PET De Lux, Love Hultèn says it’s a one-of-a-kind model complete with original accents like the dainty keyboard and datasette (Commodore’s storage device that looks like a mini cassette player). The PET De Lux is made from American walnut wood and has a modern computer inside with emulation for gaming systems including the Commodore 64, and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The computer also comes with two custom-built wireless controllers which the designer says are inspired by the TAC-2 joystick.

Photo: Love Hultèn
Photo: Love Hultèn
Photo: Love Hultèn

Though this custom made PET 2001 is a one-off with no indication there will be any up for sale, Love Hultèn’s other products do cost several thousands of dollars. You can’t put a price on well-designed nostalgia.