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Water pods continue to be a thing

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Image: rOcean

A company called rOcean wants to save the ocean with reusable water pods. Its new device, the rOcean One, launched on Indiegogo today and is designed to eliminate the need for all sorts of bottled water, like bottled seltzer, bottled flavored water, and bottled mineral water. You can think of the device as a connected SodaStream with water filtration the hooks straight up to a user’s tap.

rOcean’s whole mission is to save the ocean, or at least that’s how they’re spinning it. Their companion iOS / Android app keeps track of how many water bottles users have saved and the company encourages users to re-use their pods. I was shocked to hear this, as the whole point of pods is usually to keep them proprietary, but rOcean says it wants users to order flavor bags through them and then refill their pods themselves. Users will receive recyclable refill pouches that’ll flavor 60 liters of water. In a dream scenario, grocery stores would carry these flavor refills and users could also refill their pods in stores. Obviously, this is beyond a long way off; it still has to ship its first units.

Image: rOcean

The device is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so users can tell it to make water from another room. They can also create profiles based off bottle size, flavor, and carbonation. Although the pods don’t have an RFID tag inside, rOcean’s personalized bottles do, and they can be scanned to trigger a user’s specific profile. Ugh, I love RFID tags!

I enjoy all pod gadgets and have really never seen one that doesn’t try to make its users stick to their own pods. Users could theoretically buy flavors online and fill the pods with them. rOcean’s idea is a new play! I like it. The device starts at $169 and includes three flavor pods.