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This modular, ultra-thin 45W USB-C charger looks perfect for traveling

This modular, ultra-thin 45W USB-C charger looks perfect for traveling


The Mu One could be the perfect USB-C charger for your bag

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For all its problems, I still believe in USB-C as a standard, and it’s devices like the Mu One — a super thin, modular USB-C charger (first spotted by Engadget) that checks all the spec boxes and looks great — that keeps that faith alive.

The Mu One is an updated version of Mu’s original charger, the Mu Classic, which was designed to solve a problem from across the pond by shrinking down the almost comically large (albeit well-intentioned) UK plug into a smaller, more portable form factor. The Mu was then later expanded into a version with two USB ports and modular plug ends for European and US plugs, too, and now it’s getting a USB-C version.

The Mu One retains the slim design and swappable plug ends from the USB Type-A version, making it seemingly perfect for throwing in a bag on a business trip. Instead of two 6W USB Type-A plugs, it offers a single 45W USB-C plug.

In addition to the high wattage, which should be enough for charging a phone, Switch, or even a laptop over USB-C, the Mu One also supports the USB-C Power Delivery standard. It also claims to be able to intelligently manage power supply, depending on the device, so you don’t fry your phone by accident.

The Mu One is currently looking for backing on Kickstarter. As previously mentioned, Mu has shipped several chargers before, making this somewhat of a safer project than other crowdfunded devices (although using your own discretion is still advised).

The Mu One starts at an early bird price of £39 (around $54), which puts it around the price of Apple’s $49 29W charger, and dramatically cheaper than other third-party chargers like the $99.99 Dart-C. Mu hopes to ship devices in September.