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Google Play update fixes broken ‘check for update’ button

Google Play update fixes broken ‘check for update’ button

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Google Pixel 2
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Up until now, that “check for update” button on Pixel and Nexus phones hasn’t really worked. Even if a new version of Android was technically available, users wouldn’t be given the option to update until it was seeded to their phone. Although the button was supposed to start working with Oreo, “API incompatibility” between Android’s System Update code and the manual user update code prevented it from actually doing anything. Not anymore, though. With a coming update to Google Play Services — 12.2.09, which is still in beta — users can actually press that update button and get an update in return, according to reports on Reddit and Droid-Life.

Multiple users report that Android updates began showing up properly after they updated to the Play Services 12.2.09 beta. While not everyone will care about getting Android security updates faster, it’s definitely appreciated for those who do, especially those who read about vulnerabilities and want to keep their phone as current as possible (without any extra work on their end). Other, non-Google phones’ update buttons will work, too, but only if the OEM uses Google’s over-the-air update system.