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Philips Hue now lights the great outdoors

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Photo: Philips

The popular Hue lineup of smart lighting devices from Philips has now been extended to the garden, yard, and terrace. The new outdoor lights include wall-mounted luminaries, spotlights, and pillar post available in a variety of styles and color output to match your taste.

The new outdoor lights work with your existing Hue bridge and app, which means they’ll work seamlessly with the vast Hue ecosystem of supported products. That means they can be controlled with Alexa, Siri, or Google voice assistants and can be triggered with the Hue Home and Away feature to light up a pathway using the new Hue Calla, for example, when you (and your smartphone) return home. Or, if you prefer, you can set the new Hue Lily spotlight to automatically come on between sunset and midnight in order to shine any of its 16 million supported colors onto your flowerbeds. Philips says the luminaries from the Hue white outdoor range are best located near the front and back doors to welcome visitors and repel prospective intruders.

The Lily spotlight pack includes three lights and accessories and sells for $279.99 / €299, while the Calla bollard will retail for $129.99 / €139.99. The Hue white outdoor range will start from $50 / €69.99.