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LG is rolling out Android Oreo to V30 phones on Verizon

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Including a few changes to the notifications window and a new settings app

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

LG has begun rolling out Android Oreo to users with V30 devices on Verizon’s network, as spotted by AndroidPolice. A user posted screenshots of the software update on their V30, which seems to include a few changes to the notifications window and a new settings app. The software update is 1.7 GB. Users on a forum where the screenshots were posted said they expected some AI camera features as some Korean customers have reported, though there doesn’t seem to be anything in the US version so far.

Other Verizon V30 customers said they haven’t been able to update yet, so it looks like the rollout is a gradual one.

Image: XDA
Image: Android Police

Android Oreo was launched in August last year and has been slowly rolling out to Android users. Adoption of the latest operation system is notoriously fragmented, and not every device gets the update at the same time. There have been some teething problems, too: Essential says it will bring Oreo to its phones with a public release of 8.1 because of stability issues, while Samsung has halted its rollout of the new OS on Galaxy S8 devices due to “unexpected restarts.” According to the latest data from Google, only about 1.1 percent of Android users currently have Android Oreo 8.0 or 8.1.