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This hack lets you play the Nintendo Switch on a tiny black-and-white Sony TV

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Actually really neat

If you’re sick of playing your Nintendo Switch in regular HD, a man named Vince on YouTube has come up with a neat hack that lets you play on a tiny black-and-white Sony pocket TV instead. The set up is quite fiddly, involving the Switch and the 1986 Sony Watchman Pocket TV, a HDMI cable, a HDMI to AV converter, a VCR, an RF signal booster, and an aerial. The Switch’s Joy-Cons are also attached to each side of the tiny TV.

The Switch isn’t directly connected to the pocket TV, rather it’s hooked up to the VCR and RF antenna which then broadcasts the signal to the TV. Vince has tested it with Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metal Slug, and Mario Kart and the results are delightful. The games appear in grainy black-and-white while running pretty smoothly:

If you’re a tinkerer with a heart for nostalgia, it’s a nice little way to change the Switch’s normal gaming experience, even if the screen is just 3 inches in size.