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Smartphone notches are now being teased like a big new feature

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Image: Oppo

Regardless of how you feel about the notch, just about every phone manufacturer has decided they’re cool — apparently even to the point of highlighting the design flair in advertisements. Oppo has started teasing its forthcoming F7 smartphone that’s headed for India, and all of its teasers make a point of drawing attention to its cutout along the top edge.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. At Mobile World Congress last month, iPhone X clones that mimicked Apple’s design were everywhere. Companies made a point of talking about them during press conferences, using it as a way to make their phones look modern and advanced.

Oppo has taken things to the logical next step by actively teasing the inclusion of a notch on its new phone. Rather than promoting an exciting new feature, it’s instead focusing on a completely unnecessary design decision entirely meant to evoke Apple’s premium smartphone. It released an entire series of the ads on Twitter:

For better or worse, it’s clear the notch is here this year. The F7 is supposed to be announced on March 26th, according to Android Central. The phone is supposed to have a 6.2-inch display with a 2280 x 1080 resolution and a tall 19:9 aspect ratio. Oppo’s last F series phone, the F5, sold for around $300. While the F5 had a modern design and decent specs, it ran on a midrange MediaTek processor.

Oppo has another phone coming up called the R15. It’ll also have a notch, and it’s being teased, too:

Image: Oppo