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Jabra’s new neckbuds have noise cancellation and eight hours of battery life

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Jabra just announced the Jabra Elite 65e, a pair of neckbuds with active noise cancellation, a trio of microphones for improved voice quality, and eight hours of battery life — 13 hours with ANC turned off. Unlike more minimal neckbud designs, such as Apple’s Beats X, the 65e’s “collar” is rather imposing:

Image: Jabra

The Elite 65e works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant — depending on which OS you’re using — and also have an EQ if you use the Jabra Sound+ app. When using the app with the Jabra Elite 65t, the 65e’s true-wireless counterpart, there’s a “HearThrough” mode that gives you superhuman hearing, so hopefully that feature works with this headset as well. Like the 65t, the 65e also supports Bluetooth 5, which is supposed to improve smartphone pairing in this case — there’s still no finalized protocol for audio over Bluetooth 5.

Based on the list of features, I’d guess these headphones are based on Qualcomm’s hot new QCC5100 chipset. We’ll probably see a lot of wireless and true-wireless headphones in the coming months based on the QCC5100, and hopefully some of those headphones will good enough to finally unseat AirPods on connection quality and ease-of-use.

Also, hopefully, most of them won’t have a horseshoe aspect to them.

The Elite 65e will be available in April for $199.