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Circuit Breaker

We’ve got Fortnite, digital avatars, and Wear OS watches on Circuit Breaker Live today

Sam Sheffer will be here, too

Winter persists in New York City, as does the Circuit Breaker Live show. Today, we’re going live at 4PM ET on YouTube, as usual, and we will post an archived version to our page after the show initially airs. You can watch here or in the embed above. In today’s episode, Nilay, Paul, and I will break down the latest in digital avatars, like Animoji, Samsung’s AR Emoji, and even Google Allo selfie stickers. I bet you forgot about those.

Then, Dan Seifert will be on to talk about Wear OS and why Google changed the name of Android Wear. Sam Sheffer will also be on the show to reminisce about his old Sidekick LX. We’re going to laugh, ponder, and maybe cry today on Circuit Breaker Live, so make sure you don’t miss out. See you at 4PM.