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Huawei’s Porsche Design Mate RS has 512GB of storage and an in-screen fingerprint reader

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Last week, we caught a rumor of a Huawei phone with 512GB of built-in storage, but it didn’t look like it was the P20 Pro. Well, mystery solved: Huawei just introduced the Porsche Design Mate RS, which is sort of a blend between its new P20 Pro (triple rear cameras) and the Galaxy Note 9 (no notch; huge, curved screen).

But this phone isn’t just a luxury rebadge for Huawei. The phone is the company’s “new flagship,” and has the specs to match. In addition to the 512GB of storage, the phone has dual fingerprint readers: one on the back and one embedded under the 6-inch OLED screen. That means this phone has two world firsts, which isn’t too bad for a phone designed to remind you about cars.

We saw a Vivo concept with the new Synaptics optical sensor back in February, but the Porsche Design Mate RS looks to be the first phone to market with the feature. Apparently, you can also use the dual fingerprint readers to switch profiles.

In Europe, the Porsche Design Mate RS launches on April 12th in two storage options: 256GB for €1,695 (about $2,109), and 512GB for €2095 ($2,607). Both phones have 6GB of RAM, the Kirin 970 processor, and a 4,000mAh battery.