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Focal’s Listen Wireless headphones now come in olive, purple, and blue

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In time for spring

Photo: Focal

French audio company Focal is launching its Listen Wireless closed-ear headphones in three new colors today: olive, purple, and blue.

Originally released in June 2017, the specs of the headphones are still the same. The company says they feature playback close to CD quality, a 40mm titanium / mylar driver, Bluetooth 4.1, 22mm thick heat-sensitive memory foam cushions on the ear pads, and a dual microphone system with “clear voice capture.” The headphones take three hours to charge, last around 20 hours, and have a range of 15m, so you can wander around to your leisure. The headphones also have buttons to control music and take calls.

Focal says the headphones have noise isolation capabilities that preserve acoustics, even if you’re wearing them somewhere noisy. The flexible headband should help make it a comfortable wear for long periods of listening, but we can only know for sure when we’ve worn it ourselves.

Photo: Focal
Photo: Focal
Photo: Focal

The Listen Wireless headset comes with a carrying case, a USB cable, and another removable cable with a mini jack input for wired use. The headphones were previously released in black and cost $299, which means the new colors are likely to go for the same price. While $300 may seem like a lot of money to spend on a pair of cans, Focal’s line of headphones have historically been rather expensive, with high-end models priced upward of $1,000.