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Logitech’s new headset shows it’s serious about capturing the pro gaming market

Logitech’s new headset shows it’s serious about capturing the pro gaming market

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Logitech G announced a new wired gaming headset today: the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset. It’s being marketed as a comfortable headset with a quality microphone and sound-isolating ear pads. Logitech says its leatherette ear pads should offer 50 percent more sound isolation than prior headsets. The removable microphone features a pop filter and noise cancellation, so users can communicate more clearly.

It’s tough to evaluate a headset without using it, but Logitech bolsters its announcement with the news that it’s now the official headset of Electronic Sports League CS:GO Pro League, ESL One, and ESL Premiership. Logitech competes with multiple gaming accessory companies, like SteelSeries and HyperX, both of which sell quality gaming headsets, so brand and league partnerships are likely key to building loyalty.

Just like clothing brands use influencers to sell merch, Logitech is relying on notable gamers and teams to do the headset selling for it. This headset doesn’t seem extraordinary or high-end. Instead, it’s part of a bigger lineup with a more ambitious goal of outfitting aspiring pro-gamers. The branding is what Logitech is selling. (As a side note, Engadget liked the headset when its team tested it.)

The Pro Gaming headset will only be available in black for $89.99 when it goes on sale in April. It’s more expensive than most of the company’s wired headsets, but it’s still cheaper than wireless models.