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More Alexa-enabled lamps are coming

More Alexa-enabled lamps are coming

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I’m sure you’ve always wanted a lamp with Amazon’s Alexa assistant built in, and Amazon wants to make sure companies can sell you one. Today, the Alexa maker announced the first reference design for a smart lamp that includes a microphone, speaker, and support for Alexa. Amazon approves and tests third-party white-box solutions, so hardware sellers know the design is reliable.

This particular lamp design comes from an ODM called Adition. It features two microphones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for multiple music services. It also illuminates in a warm light with the ability to dim. Companies will be able to take this design, tweak it, and quickly bring an Alexa-enabled lamp of their own to market.

Not many Alexa-equipped lamps exist. I reviewed one from GE called the C by GE Sol. It worked well, but some of the voice commands didn’t make much sense and music services like Spotify weren’t enabled. I actually wished the lamp didn’t have Alexa built-in because I enjoyed the look of it more than the smart capabilities. Amazon wants to make the development of these lights easier on manufacturers, but also likely wants to ensure users have a decent experience while using them, which is why it offers white-labeled products as an option for gadget sellers.