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After a year, Nintendo Switch accessories are starting to get interesting

After a year, Nintendo Switch accessories are starting to get interesting


Breaking down the must-have gear for the Switch on Circuit Breaker Live

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The Nintendo Switch turns one year old today, and last week on Circuit Breaker Live, we looked back at some of the most interesting accessories for Nintendo’s new console that have come out this year.

There’s a bunch of interesting stuff out now that you’ll want to pick up for your Switch. You can swap out that terrible kickstand with a sturdier aluminum one, for instance, or add on a pro controller for more comfortable long gaming sessions. Charging is also a super interesting place for Switch gear, since the console uses a standard USB-C port. There are full out charging cases for recharging on the go (an important thing for the portable Switch), giant USB-C battery packs that are almost too big to take on a plane, and portable chargers that are far easier to carry around than Nintendo’s own.

And it’s still early — the Switch is a very young product, so who knows what else we’ll see from device manufacturers going forward. Even Nintendo is getting in on the accessory game, with things like the upcoming Nintendo Labo kit, out next month.

For more gadgets, check out the full episode of Circuit Breaker Live on YouTube. New episodes air live every Tuesday at 4PM ET over on The Verge’s YouTube channel.