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The first Android Go phone in the US is now available for $80

The first Android Go phone in the US is now available for $80

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ZTE Tempo Go
Image: ZTE

ZTE is the first company to bring a smartphone running Android Go to the US. As spotted by Android Police, ZTE’s Tempo Go is now available to buy online for $79.99.

The phone is not much to look at. It has a 5-inch screen with a low, 480 x 854 resolution, big bezels, only 1GB of RAM, and a tiny 8GB of storage. But that’s all to be expected: Android Go is designed for phones with this kind of limited hardware. It takes up less space, and it runs better than normal Android would on phones with small amounts of RAM. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll run great, but it should improve the experience you’d get from buying such an inexpensive phone.

ZTE was one of the first six companies to announce phones running Android Go last month. While most of them aren’t destined for the US and are headed to India and parts of Africa, where the average selling price of smartphones is much lower, some companies are still testing the waters in the US, too. ZTE may be first, but Alcatel also announced plans to launch its first Android Go phone, the Alcatel 1X, for under $100 sometime soon.