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Mophie is working on a Qi charging case for the iPhone X

Mophie is working on a Qi charging case for the iPhone X

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There are plenty of battery pack cases for the iPhone X, but Mophie is the Kleenex of charging cases, and so far it hasn’t delivered anything but wireless charging bases for Apple’s flagship.

Well, that looks like it’s about to change. A product listing on the Wireless Power Consortium (as seen on Apple Insider) just popped up for a new iPhone X case from Mophie. It’s part of the Juice Pack Air line, and it looks just like Mophie’s wireless charging case for the iPhone 7 Plus, except with a different camera hole.

Just for clarity’s sake, this case is classified as a receiver, not a transmitter — there are some charging cases available for the iPhone X that actually charge the phone wirelessly, which seems terribly inefficient.

The case has a 1,720mAh battery, which is supposed to add nine additional hours of “talk time.” The listing also says it only supports Qi version 1.1.2 and the 5 watt Basic Power Profile, so you won’t be able to take advantage of fast charging with this case.

It’s also worth pointing out that wirelessly charged iPhone X cases already exist. Mophie’s version is a little late to the party, and will likely cost more than the current Amazon’s Choice: a $59.95 case from Alpatronix that has conflicting reviews but a whopping 4200mAh battery.