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UnitedHealthcare adds the Apple Watch to its fitness-tracking reward program

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Earn money for wearing an Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 2

UnitedHealthcare has added the Apple Watch to its UnitedHealthcare Motion program, which incentivizes employees under UnitedHealthcare insurance with money rewards if they meet their daily step goals, via CNET.

Previously, the company has supported a variety of other fitness trackers, including Fitbits, Garmin devices, and Samsung activity trackers. Users can get an Apple Watch Series 3 through the program — you’ll have to pay tax and shipping upfront — and can then apply the money you earn through the program toward paying off the rest of the device (after which the money is put toward either your health savings account or health reimbursement account).

Employees participating in UnitedHealthcare Motion can earn a couple bucks a day for reaching three goals: a “Frequency” goal for reaching 500 steps in seven minutes, six times a day, at least one hour apart ($1.50 per day); an “Intensity” goal for reaching 3,000 steps in 30 minutes ($1.25 per day); and a “Tenacity” step for reaching 10,000 steps over the course of the day in total ($1.25 per day).