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LG’s stupidly named G7 ThinQ set for May 2nd unveiling

LG’s stupidly named G7 ThinQ set for May 2nd unveiling


The launch date is now official, coming with big promises of AI convenience

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Photo: Ynet

Now that Huawei has successfully launched its P20 Pro, it’s difficult to imagine what LG could do to surpass that phone and wow Android fans, but the Korean company is certainly going to give it a try. As spotted by Engadget, LG has set an official launch date of May 2nd for its next flagship, which is to carry the clumsy title of G7 ThinQ (pronounced like “thank you” with an “i”, and yes, LG reps already made that joke during CES in January).

There will be two launch events for the LG G7 ThinQ: one in New York City on May 2nd, for an international audience, and another in LG’s home turf of Seoul on May 3rd. Like the P20 Pro and the majority of Android flagships this year, the G7 is set to have a notch at the top of the screen, though a leak from Mobile World Congress in February showed that LG is already planning to offer the option to disguise that notch.

Having already applied the ThinQ branding to its home appliances at CES, LG extended it to phones with the underwhelming V30S ThinQ, and now the company’s next flagship will continue the expansion. The most recent leak regarding the G7 indicated that it would have a physical button on its left side dedicated to LG’s AI features, and LG’s press release today promises a whole new level of mobile convenience facilitated by AI. We’ll know more about the exact enhancements to come in three weeks’ time (or, more likely, much sooner than that, courtesy of more leaks and LG teasers).