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Urbanears’ connected speaker now comes in a smaller, cheaper size

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Meet the $199 Lotsen

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Photo: Urbanears

Last year, headphone company Urbanears announced its first foray into the world of speakers with the Stammen and Baggen, and now it’s introducing a third smaller, cheaper member to the family: the $199 Urbanears Lotsen.

The Lotsen looks almost exactly like the Stammen and Baggen, only smaller. It has the same boxy, fabric-covered design, the same bright color options, and the same two-dial control scheme for volume and switching between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aux, and preset Spotify or internet radio stations. It can pair in multiroom audio systems right alongside its larger and more expensive siblings, too, so if you’ve already invested in Urbanears’ system, it’ll be easy to integrate the Lotsen right in.

From left to right: Baggen, Stammen, and Lotsen.
Photo: Urbanears

But the biggest change — aside from the smaller size — is the cheaper price point. The Lotsen clocks in at $199, fixing the biggest problem with Urbanears original speakers’ hefty $350 and $450 price tags.

The Urbanears Lotsen will be available sometime later this summer, but no exact release date has been announced.