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Sonos One is coming in new, more expensive colors

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Colors cost more money?

Sonos One, soon in five colors
Image: Sonos

The Sonos One just got an update. No, it’s not the Google Assistant integration we’ve been waiting for, but an updated color palette that adds some lovely new hues (and cost) to the company’s smart speaker. Sonos tells us that it’s adding red, green, and yellow to the current black and white offerings, but there’s also a pink version in the image above that accompanied the announcement. That’s because five new colors in total are being shown off in Milan for Design Week (including pink and grey) but only three will be sold.

The new colors are the result of a collaboration with the Danish design brand HAY, and thusly named the “HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection” because those words have been workshopped to have the most visual impact when clustered together in exactly that order.

Image: Sonos

While trivial to many, the color of something so prominent as a living room speaker is crucial to others. And let’s be honest: that yellow is hot. “Color is one of the most important tools in the design process, and it was very important we didn’t just create a color scale that looked beautiful,” says HAY co-founder Mette Hay. “Colors can hide completely and disappear or provide contrast. These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture; strong, independent objects that can blend in or stand out.”

The new Sonos One colors will be available to buy in September (presumably for a limited time) for $229 (€259 / £229); which is a decided markup from the current retail pricing of $199 (€229 / £199).

Update April 17th, 9:18AM ET: Added clarification about the colors.