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Circuit Breaker

Watch Circuit Breaker live for Nintendo Switch projectors and Android P speculation

Season two of Circuit Breaker Live is almost over, so you have to enjoy the show while you still can. Nilay’s wife Becky had a baby, so he’ll be streaming it live at home, just like you. His baby is going to learn about gadgets, just like you, too. As always, we’ll be live at 4PM ET on The Verge’s YouTube channel. Paul and I will be hosting this episode where we’ll talk with Chaim Gartenberg about Nintendo Switch projectors.

Sean O’Kane will join us later to talk about his review of the Light L16 camera, which just looks awesome. Then, finally, Jake Kastrenakes will show us Ikea’s new Bluetooth speaker, the Enemy. We’ll probably marvel at its design. Oh, and a special Verge West Coast guest will be on the show, too, to speculate about Android P and what that P means. Tune in at the embed above or the link here.