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Libratone Track+ wireless earphones are out today in the US for $199

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Coming to Europe in mid-May for €199

Photo: Libratone

Libratone announced the wireless Track+ headphones earlier this year at CES, and they’re finally available in the US today for $199. A European release is set to follow sometime next month for €199.

The Track+ are essentially a wireless version of the company’s wired Q-Adapt headphones, with the same design and adjustable noise cancellation but without the cord for a wireless, neckbud style. Libratone claims the headphones should get up to eight hours of battery life with noise cancelation on. They also feature an IPX4 rating against sweat and splashes.

According to my colleague Vlad Savov, who had the chance to try out the headphones recently, sound on the Track+ earbuds is a bit underwhelming, especially compared to Libratone’s wired Q-Adapt headphones. He did, however, praise their ability to keep loud, booming sound in-ear but whisper-quiet when taken out as “maybe the best I’ve ever tried.”