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B&O Play’s stylish P6 speaker offers 360-sound and voice support

B&O Play’s stylish P6 speaker offers 360-sound and voice support

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B&O Play P6
Image: B&O Play

B&O Play is launching a new Bluetooth speaker that does what all B&O Play speakers do best: look really good, cost a lot of money, and probably sound good, too.

The new speaker is called the Beoplay P6, and it’s the second portable Bluetooth speaker B&O Play has on sale that also includes a built-in microphone to support use with voice assistants. B&O doesn’t list which assistants it supports, so it sounds like it’ll probably just play from whichever phone it’s connected to.

The P6 has stereo speakers facing in opposite directions to fill out a room with an effect that B&O calls “True360” sound. It has a quoted 16 hours of battery life and is supposed to charge in three hours over USB-C. And it has a degree of dust and water resistance.

Photo: B&O Play

Also, the P6 just looks really nice. It almost looks like a modern take on an old radio, with huge speaker grilles carved into the aluminum on both sides. It comes with an attached leather strap.

We haven’t heard the P6 yet, but sound quality isn’t usually where B&O Play products disappoint. The problem is usually price, especially when compared to other products that might be more capable when it comes to features like synchronized playback or use with voice assistants. Given the specific uses for a portable Bluetooth speaker, that might not as much of a problem here, but the price is still high at $399. It goes on sale April 23rd.

This is the second product B&O Play is currently selling in the P-line of its speakers. The other is a much smaller model called the P2 that sells for $169. Both speakers stand out from B&O’s other Bluetooth models with their inclusion of a microphone for voice support.