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Google may release a mid-range Pixel smartphone in India this summer

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It could be released in July or August

Google Pixel next to Google Pixel 2 Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Last year, 9to5Mac reported that Google was working on a budget version of its Pixel smartphone, which wouldn’t be sold in the US. Between then and now, the Pixel 2 launched with no budget phone to be seen, but a new report out of India claims the device is coming this summer.

The Economic Times reports that Google is working on a mid-range Pixel smartphone for “price-sensitive” markets, including India, that will be released in July or August, according to industry executives who recently had meetings with Google. The publication claims Google has solidified its strategy for India, which includes bringing its Nest brand to the country, along with Google Wi-Fi and the Pixelbook.

If true, Google could greatly expand the audience for its Pixel line with a more affordable device, especially in a country the size of India, which has a rapidly expanding smartphone market that surpassed the US in sheer size last year. Apple has also increased its focus on the nation with 1.3 billion citizens, and has started assembling iPhones in India.