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Thankfully, Nintendo is already selling Toy-Con cardboard replacement parts for Labo

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Because cardboard stuff can break, apparently

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Nintendo’s new cardboard creation experiment Labo is out today, but if you had concerns about your Toy-Con kits breaking or wearing out (because, well, they’re made of cardboard), fear not. Nintendo is selling replacement parts for nearly every piece of the Toy-Con kits over at its online store, as spotted by IGN.

Parts range from $1.99 for more reflective stickers to up to $13.99 for the cardboard robot body, with plenty in between for other pieces and parts.

Our games editor Andrew Webster noted in his review that the Labo kits are surprisingly durable, and the Labo apps are apparently pretty helpful in guiding DIY repairs, too. The option to buy outright replacements without spending the extra money on a whole new kit seems like a good strategy for Nintendo.