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Canary’s smart home cameras now have better person detection and smarter notifications

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No more alerts about your dog walking around

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Back in February, Canary’s smart home cameras gained the ability to detect people and send push notifications specifying that a person had been seen in the recorded clip (as opposed to your pet, for example). Today, the company is rolling out a new update that will allow users to choose whether they want Canary cameras to notify them about or even bother recording events that don’t include a person in the frame.

You can configure your Canary to record all motion, people only, or not at all. When away from my apartment, I’m generally in favor of recording any movement just to be sure. But I’m setting motion alerts to “people only” as soon as this update is out so I’ll stop getting alerts whenever our pugs are just walking around doing dog stuff during the day. After the February update, notifications already mentioned whenever a person was detected, but now you can tell Canary not to bother you with any other movements captured by the cameras.

The refined person detection and more granular notification controls are available to all Canary users (both free and subscription).