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Urbanears’ Jakan neckbuds are fully controlled by a single button

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Second try is the charm

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Photo: Urbanears

Urbanears is back with a new pair of neckbud form factor Bluetooth headphones with the Jakan, the company’s second attempt at this style of wireless headphone.

For reference, last year Urbanears released its first pair of neckbuds in the form of the Stadion, which seemed like a functional, if extremely ugly looking pair of Bluetooth headphones. The Jakan seems to improve on this dramatically, cutting the thick band and springy, multicolored cords for a more minimal design that packs all the hardware into the buds themselves and a small module on the right side.

Urbanears also looks to be doing something interesting for controlling the Jakan headphones, with a new “control knob” that lets users skip tracks, adjust volume, and answer calls with just a single button. It’s a shift from the three button control that we usually see on headphones like this, but much like the similar button used on Urbanears’ corporate cousin Marshall’s headphones, it’s an intriguing option. From a design perspective, Urbanears promises 12 hours of battery life, and the headphones themselves feature magnets to more easily stow in a bag or pocket.

The Jakan headphones are available now for $79 from Urbanears in a variety of colors.