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The OnePlus 6 is coming on May 16th

The OnePlus 6 is coming on May 16th

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OnePlus 6 notch
Photo: OnePlus

Despite official confirmation of its display notch, its internals, and even its Avengers special edition, the OnePlus 6 hasn’t actually been announced yet. Today, though, the company is finally saying when it’s ready to take the wrappers off its brand new flagship. May 16th is the date, and OnePlus is holding the launch event in London.

Over one thousand tickets to the showcase are now available for fans to buy, costing £16/€18 (~$22) until 8pm on Friday UK time, when the price will rise to £30/€34 (~$42). It’s worth noting that tickets to the OnePlus 5T event sold for $40 and came with a bag including a $40 coupon for the 5T itself, among other things. OnePlus is promising “bigger and better” things this time around, too, though we’d advise against emotionally committing yourself to a phone purchase before you’ve seen what’s on offer.

The event kicks off at 5pm BST / noon ET, and we will of course be on hand to bring you all the news.