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Tile is partnering with Comcast so you can track lost items from your TV

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Tile has expanded on its partnership with Comcast today, which it first announced back at CES this year. Tile and Xfinity users will now be able to use their Xfinity X1 Voice Remote to locate their tagged items, with the results showing up on their TV.

Users can say, “Xfinity Home where are my keys,” for example, or, “Xfinity Home find my purse.” The TV will display the last known location and address of the tagged item. Tiles will have to be added to Comcast’s platform through the Xfinity Home app on iOS or Android.

Most people use the Tile app on their phone to track items, but I could see the remote making the process a little easier, especially if you attached your Tile to your phone that you lost. Not that anyone has probably done that before!