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LG’s G7 ThinQ will feature a Boombox Speaker that doubles the bass

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LG Boombox Speaker
Image: LG

LG’s next flagship smartphone, the G7 ThinQ, is debuting in just a couple days, and another teaser has been dropped. Speaking with Engadget, LG says that the phone will have a Boombox Speaker that “increases the base sound level by more than 6dB with twice the amount of bass.”

According to LG, the Boombox Speaker will use a resonance chamber within the phone, which supposedly has more than 10 times the resonance space found in traditional smartphones. Additionally, bass can be further amplified by placing the phone on a solid surface, using the resulting surface vibrations to deliver sound.

There’s more audio news with the G7 ThinQ. The phone will come with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC like previous LG models, which allows for things like digital filters and a range of sound presets, but new with the G7 ThinQ is support for DTS:X. An object-based audio codec like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X allows for 3D surround sound and will offer up to 7.1 on the G7 ThinQ (in general the codec supports up to 11.2). This is apparently the first time DTS:X will be available on a smartphone.