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OnePlus might launch its first wireless earbuds soon

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One Plus phone
One Plus phone
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

It looks like OnePlus has a pair of wireless earbuds in the works. As spotted by Nashville Chatter, a listing on the Bluetooth certification site reveals the existence of a product called the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. Since OnePlus already has two pairs of wired earbuds called the Bullets, it’s pretty clear what this product is going to be. The only big question the name leaves is whether they’ll be fully wireless or still include a wire that wraps around the neck.

OnePlus has already gone on record saying it’ll include a headphone jack on its next phone, so wireless headphones aren’t really a necessity for the company. But it’s not a surprising launch either since the headphone industry is moving in this direction, and there are plenty of sales to be made. It’s not clear when this product will launch, but it’s likely they’d go out around the same time as the OnePlus 6, which is expected in the next few months.

While we don’t know any details beyond the name (and some included Bluetooth features, one hinting at likely support for high-quality AptX streaming), there’s enough reason to be excited about what OnePlus has in the works. Its existing Bullets earbuds are surprisingly good and only cost $20 — my colleague Vlad Savov called them “criminally underpriced” shortly after they launched — and OnePlus will presumably be going for the value play once again here, as it does with its phones. Wireless earbuds are a lot harder to get right, though, so there’s no guarantee version one will be as much of a knockout.